Meet Helen

For those of you that were trouble by my loss of George and Weezy and thought I would be despondent by their departure, I wanted to let you know that a new companion (of sorts) has presented itself to me.

Meet Helen.  I tried to make the picture too big and freak everyone out.  But she is substantial.  And has decided to park herself right at eye level outside my office window.

So no need to worry.  I am not alone.

And Tom is living on the gate to our fence, just a few feet to Helen’s right in this picture.

For those of you not getting the whole naming protocol that exists here, I suggest you brush up on your 1970’s television.


More Bark for my Buck

So the dogs went to daycare today. It is cleaning day and it is just easier for the dogs to be there, than here.  And we all know about Solo and his 4pm temper tantrums.  Well, I just happened to look at the dogs on the camper cams around 4:15 and do you know what I saw?  Solo.  BARKING.  So if he is doing the same exact thing there that he would do here, what is the point?  That I don’t have to listen to him.  THEY can have more BARK for my BUCK!  Hahahaha.