RIP George

Well, apparently clean water is toxic to fair-freak goldfish.  As you may recall, I lost Weezy almost two weeks ago after a tank cleaning.  George was despondent, but managed to soldier on, although he never let go.

Yesterday, it was again tank cleaning time.  I did the same thing I have been doing for almost two years.  Since I won the freaks at the Dixie Classic Fair and named them George and Weezy cause they were “moving on up!”  But alas, after the tank was clean, George was no more.    Some things you just can’t change.  I don’t think I could handle more fish right now.  For me, the grief is still to near.

I buried George, after saying how sorry I was, under my swamp hibiscus.  Which I have managed to NOT kill by the way!  How is that for a switch.  I kill the fish and manage to keep the plant alive.  But his sacrifice will not have been in vain.

RIP George.

PS:  Gold stars and a shout out for anyone that can catch the movie references in this post.  There are at least 4.  If there are more than that, they weren’t on purpose.