More Bark for my Buck

So the dogs went to daycare today. It is cleaning day and it is just easier for the dogs to be there, than here.  And we all know about Solo and his 4pm temper tantrums.  Well, I just happened to look at the dogs on the camper cams around 4:15 and do you know what I saw?  Solo.  BARKING.  So if he is doing the same exact thing there that he would do here, what is the point?  That I don’t have to listen to him.  THEY can have more BARK for my BUCK!  Hahahaha.


Solo’s tantrum

I recorded about 3o seconds of Solo’s 30 minute tantrum yesterday.  But when I tried to post it, it wouldn’t go.  And you should all thank me.  Because even 30 seconds can seem like a lifetime.  He wanted his play buddy, he wanted attention, he wanted my seat.  Eventually he wore himself out.  But it is hard to stay mad at a face like this.

Today is a whole new day.  Obviously, the morning walk is not always the best indicator of how the overall day is going to go. He is still asleep on the couch.   I walked both dogs around 2pm, just in time to beat the school buses.  And he still pitched a fit.  But it was at 6:15 instead of 4:15.

At least he ate breakfast and dinner.  I think I will spend some time looking for new dog toys and games while I am doing my volunteer cat duty at PetsMart tonight.

I’ll try anything….


As the name of my blog would suggest, we have a barker in my house.  Which is all fine, except I work from home full-time and am the lucky recipient of all barking, whining, tantrums and fits.  That would be Solo.  He tries to be a good boy, but sometimes it is just to hard.  And Annabelle is not without her own challenges.  The top three being: UPS, thunderstorms and fireworks.  So, thanks to Julie and her mom over at PB Fingers (read blog post here), I have decided to try Thundershirt!  I am very skeptical that it will do anything for Solo’s barking, but we certainly have an almost daily trial built in with Annabelle and UPS.  And the next time a thunderstorm rolls through, I will try it then to.  If they don’t work, they are going back!

But hell, I will try almost anything once!


Strange form of math

I have mentioned I work from home. I have no “office” to go to. No desk in a building somewhere. Well, I take that back. I have access to a building. But it is 90 miles away and cost $16 a day to park. No thank you. I spend more than 50% of my time on conference calls. I play a very odd, and mostly unsuccessful, game. At the beginning of each call I evaluate the amount of time I will spend speaking and the amount of time I will be on mute. And then I look at Solo (bark) and try to estimate the minutes within the same time-frame that he will spend sleeping or barking. Usually the game score goes like this: 45 minutes of mute = 45 minutes of sleeping. 10 minutes of talking = 50 minutes of awake and BARKING. It must some very exotic form of calculus that I never learned. My mother warned me that I would need more math.

I’ll just sit on the floor

This is what happens when the Solo, aka Bark, thinks that EVERY seat in the house belongs to him. Even when you are already in it. I wouldn’t cave to his whining and barking and ended up with a 70 lb hound in my lap.

Exactly who should have been in the chair and who should have been on the floor was too long of a discussion to have at the time. Especially since we were all catching up on True Blood at the time.

Next time, I will curl up on the dog bed!
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