And then there is Annabelle

This morning I posted about Solo and his fits, tantrums and rants.  He is a very vocal dog and uses his voice to try and get what he wants.  One of, actually THE key issue with Solo is a lack of consistency from his parents and even Annabelle.  We were told to ignore his whining and barking and he would learn that he doesn’t get what he wants when he does that.  I ignore.  Michael does not.  And since Solo doesn’t distinguish between negative and positive attention, Michael scolding him or yelling at him is still the attention he was looking for.

Annabelle is even worse.  When I am ignoring Solo, she jumps off the couch (yes, the couch, don’t get me started) and brings him a toy or plays with him.  So, it is hard to train the dog, even harder to train Michael and Solo gets mixed messages.  But when I yell at him, he knows it is serious and stops whatever he is doing.

As I am typing this, Solo is taking a nap.  And while he is the vocal one, Annabelle seeks what she wants in different ways.  She barks some.  Not nearly like Solo.  But as I look up from my computer, I see this.  And she didn’t make a sound…..


The Daily Indicator

Every morning Michael takes the dogs for a walk.  They leave around 7:15 and get back by 7:30.  I sit in my office, quietly reading and typing, waiting for the key indicator of how the day is going to go.  Some days, they leave and the door reopens after just a few minutes, a dog comes through and the door shuts again.  That would be Solo getting kicked off his walk.  Usually because the neighbors cat is out.  This would be a BAD sign.  Other days, they come back, I hear SIT and they both get treats.  This is a GOOD sign.

Solo is a Black and Tan Coonhound (maybe some Rottie in there), which means he is a perpetually 2-yr old.  Tantrums, fits, meltdowns, the whole bit.  On a good day, these don’t start until about 4pm.  And then it is just a waiting game until Michael the play buddy gets home.  With the kids back in school, I can take the dogs for a walk around 2pm (just barely miss the school buses) and sometimes the fits will hold off until play buddy gets home.  On a bad day, they start right after lunch.  And then, it is me or him.  One of us is going out the front door.

Walks, running an errand, a trip to Starbucks, they all do the trick.  Just a quick break from the fit that Solo can work himself into.  Even Annabelle needs a break sometimes.  She will bring him a toy, chase him off the couch.  Once in a while, I even throw them in the car and take them for a ride.  But I don’t want to make a habit of rewarding his bad behavior with a car ride.

Today, the grade is good.  They came home and both got treats.  Let’s see how long it lasts.

A Warning would have killed you???

Really, I thought animals were supposed to be so in-tuned with the earth, the weather, and changes in such things.  At about 1:50 this afternoon, my ass was shaken off the couch by a 5.9 magnitude earthquake up in VA.  I immediately thought storm or tornado, but there were sunny skies and no wind.  I ran to the windows (smart, I know, but we don’t think earthquake in NC) and there was nothing going on outside.  The shaking eventually stopped and when I looked around, everyone was right where I had left them.  Sleeping on the couch, in the chair and under the table.

A warning would have killed you?  Is it out of the question to think you would be as concerned for my safety as I am for yous?  I mean, really!  I jumped on the internet and immediately confirmed the earthquake between Charlottesville and Richmond.  Aftershocks are possible.  And still, the animals are sleeping.

I’ll try anything….


As the name of my blog would suggest, we have a barker in my house.  Which is all fine, except I work from home full-time and am the lucky recipient of all barking, whining, tantrums and fits.  That would be Solo.  He tries to be a good boy, but sometimes it is just to hard.  And Annabelle is not without her own challenges.  The top three being: UPS, thunderstorms and fireworks.  So, thanks to Julie and her mom over at PB Fingers (read blog post here), I have decided to try Thundershirt!  I am very skeptical that it will do anything for Solo’s barking, but we certainly have an almost daily trial built in with Annabelle and UPS.  And the next time a thunderstorm rolls through, I will try it then to.  If they don’t work, they are going back!

But hell, I will try almost anything once!


RIP George

Well, apparently clean water is toxic to fair-freak goldfish.  As you may recall, I lost Weezy almost two weeks ago after a tank cleaning.  George was despondent, but managed to soldier on, although he never let go.

Yesterday, it was again tank cleaning time.  I did the same thing I have been doing for almost two years.  Since I won the freaks at the Dixie Classic Fair and named them George and Weezy cause they were “moving on up!”  But alas, after the tank was clean, George was no more.    Some things you just can’t change.  I don’t think I could handle more fish right now.  For me, the grief is still to near.

I buried George, after saying how sorry I was, under my swamp hibiscus.  Which I have managed to NOT kill by the way!  How is that for a switch.  I kill the fish and manage to keep the plant alive.  But his sacrifice will not have been in vain.

RIP George.

PS:  Gold stars and a shout out for anyone that can catch the movie references in this post.  There are at least 4.  If there are more than that, they weren’t on purpose.