RIP Weezy

Every October, the Dixie Classic Fair comes to town.  Michael likes to go for the food.  I go for the games and the farm animals.  My favorite game is the one where you throw the ping-pong ball into the fishbowl.  I am good at that game.  No, I am excellent at that game.  And I win prizes.  The prizes are goldfish!  Usually, I give the fish away. To some kid that doesn’t have any prize of their own.  But in 2009, I decided to keep the fish.

Meet George and Weezy.  Named such because they are fair fish and “moving on up.”  I am not sure why I decided to keep these particular fish. But the fish I won for $1 ended up costing us over $40 at PetsMart (for supplies) and more time and energy than I had really wanted to dedicate to a couple of fish.  But I had taken on the responsibility and refused to do anything but give them the very best of care and lifestyle.

Yesterday, I cleaned their (disgusting) tank as I normally do once a week or so.  I cleaned their filter and aerator (not show here, added later), the water, etc.  Everything done exactly the way I have been doing it for almost 2 years.  And yet last night, I went in to turn off their light and Weezy had left us.  She had grown quite large (of course) and flushing was not really an option.  We learned that the hard way with an algae eater earlier this year.

So this morning, as Michael puts out the trash, he will say a few kind words (I have none) for Weezy the Fair Fish.  May she rest in peace.


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