Job and New Babysitter

One of the challenges (there are many) to working from home is that when work is slow, the kitchen (and internet) are nearby.  I am a boredom eater and a boredom shopper.  And yes, sometimes the two meet and I internet shop for food (snack mix from Amazon, chocolate chip english muffins from Wolferman’s.)    This week, I have a list of errands that I have been slowly accomplishing.  I don’t want to do them all at once.  Need to space them out.

Tonight we are heading to Maroon 5 and Train!  And it is the perfect time to do a test run with the new dog babysitter.  She will come and give them dinner, let them out, etc.  They have all met once, while I was here.  So this should be a fun exercise to see how they all get along when we aren’t here.  Good luck to Fran.  There are sticky notes all over the kitchen for you.  And that reminds me.  I need to pay her.


2 responses

  1. Good luck to Fran AND to the doggies! I love our sitter, Dave. He’s great, loves our boys and they love him. I always feel good about leaving them with him. I miss Camp Bow Wow though now that it’s so far away. We are looking for kennels for the boys for the cruise. I trust them for a night or two with Dave here, but 11 nights they just would be destructive, I know this. lol

    And chocolate chip english MUFFINS?! Um…*drool*

  2. We are hoping to test Fran the dog-sitter on an overnight trip. I just don’t know how many visits would be enough or if she should really spend the night? But that is why a one night trip would be a good test.

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