I had a completely different topic (a work related topic) in mind for today, but I have been derailed. And here is how it happened.

Once a month, sometimes every other week, the dogs go to camp for the day. Doggie daycare. Camp Bow Wow. We love them. It is a great place, run and staffed by great people. So off the dogs go today to camp. Peace and quiet around here. In typical “co-parenting” style, I drop them off and Michael picks them up.

Michael comes home with the dogs and I ask, “how did they do?”. And I get a report that seems entirely backwards. Solo did great. And then the staff tells Michael that Annabelle was “snippy” with the other dogs. A sense of failure and shame as a parent sweeps over me. And then I remember, it was something close to 97 degrees today. And maybe even dogs are cranky when they are hot. And anyone, even a dog, can have a bad day.

When have you been shamed by your pets?

How does the heat affect you?
I melt, like that piece of chocolate you snuck into the movies and then forgot it was in your bag.

Snippy Girl….


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